July 2013


Monday 1st – Canada Day!!!
Tuesday 2nd – World UFO Day
Wednesday 3rd – Siân Lloyd’s Birthday
Thursday 4th – Independence Day
Friday 5th – X-Day (Church of the Subgenius)
Saturday 6th – First meeting of Lennon + McCartney (1957)
Sunday 7th – Ringo Starr’s Birthday

Monday 8th – Beck’s Birthday
Tuesday 9th – Launch of Donkey Kong (1981)
Wednesday 10th – The Great Fire of 1212
Thursday 11th – Opening of Waterloo Station (1848)
Friday 12th – Erik Per Sullivan’s Birthday
Saturday 13th – Ian Hislop’s Birthday
Sunday 14th – Bastille Day

Monday 15th – Elderly Men Day (Kiribati)
Tuesday 16th – Order of the Arrow society founded (1915)
Wednesday 17th – Yellow Pig’s Day (Hampshire College)
Thursday 18th – Death of Jane Austen (1817)
Friday 19th – The Somoza family over-thrown by Sandinistas (1979)
Saturday 20th – First Special Olympics held (1968)
Sunday 21st – Ross Kemp’s Birthday

Monday 22nd – Ratcatcher’s Day
Tuesday 23rd – Charisma Carpenter’s Birthday
Wednesday 24th – Anna Paquin’s Birthday
Thursday 25th – Matt Le Blanc’s Birthday
Friday 26th – Day of the National Rebellion (Cuba)
Saturday 27th – National Sleepy Head Day (Finland)
Sunday 28th – National Tree Planting Day (Australia)

Monday 29th – Josh Radnor’s Birthday
Tuesday 30th – Lisa Kudrow’s Birthday
Wednesday 31st – Black Tot Day (Royal Navy)


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