January 2013


January 2013

Tuesday 1st – New Year’s Day
Wednesday 2nd – Public Holiday (Scotland)
Thursday 3rd – Michael Schumacher’s Birthday
Friday 4th – World Braille Day
Saturday 5th – Marilyn Manson’s Birthday

Sunday 6th – Epiphany
Monday 7th – Orthodox Christmas
Tuesday 8th – David Bowie’s Birthday
Wednesday 9th – Paolo Nutini’s Birthday
Thursday 10th – Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon (49BC)
Friday 11th – Kagami Biraki (Japan)
Saturday 12th – National Youth Day (India)

Sunday 13th – Wayne Coyne’s Birthday (Flaming Lips)
Monday 14th – Orthodox New Year
Tuesday 15th – Coronation of Elizabeth I (1559)
Wednesday 16th – Martin Luther King Day
Thursday 17th – Premiere of “The Cherry Orchard” (1904)
Friday 18th – Crispin Mills’ Birthday
Saturday 19th – Dolly Parton’s Birthday

Sunday 20th – World Religion Day
Monday 21st – National Hug Day (USA)
Tuesday 22nd – Farmhouse Breakfast Week
Wednesday 23rd – Chinese New Year
Thursday 24th – Birthday of Vic Reeves + Adrian Edmondson
Friday 25th – Burns Night
Saturday 26th – Australia Day

Sunday 27th – Holocaust Memorial Day
Monday 28th – LEGO first patented (1958)
Tuesday 29th – Death of Edward Lear (1888)
Wednesday 30th – Christian Bale’s Birthday
Thursday 31st – Johnny Rotten’s Birthday


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