August 2013


Thursday 1st – Yorkshire Day
Friday 2nd – Kevin Smith’s Birthday
Saturday 3rd – Skin’s Birthday
Sunday 4th – Matica Slovenská Day

Monday 5th – International Beer Day
Tuesday 6th – M. Night Shyamalan’s Birthday
Wednesday 7th – Bruce Dickinson’s Birthday
Thursday 8th – Huey Morgan’s Birthday
Friday 9th – Debut of Betty Boop (1930)
Saturday 10th – Death of Isaac Hayes (2008)
Sunday 11th – Ashley Jensen’s Birthday

Monday 12th – Glorious Twelfth
Tuesday 13th – Fidel Castro’s Birthday
Wednesday 14th – Premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
Thursday 15th – Ben Affleck’s Birthday
Friday 16th – Death of Elvis Presley (1977)
Saturday 17th – Beth’s 21st Birthday
Sunday 18th – Ed Norton’s Birthday

Monday 19th – National Aviation Day (USA)
Tuesday 20th – Sylvester McCoy’s Birthday
Wednesday 21st – Liam Howlett’s Birthday
Thursday 22nd – Battle of Bosworth Field (1485)
Friday 23rd – Black Ribbon Day (Baltic States)
Saturday 24th – Nostalgia Night (Uruguay)
Sunday 25th – Soldier’s Day (Brazil)

Monday 26th – Macaulay Culkin’s Birthday
Tuesday 27th – Feast of Monica of Hippo
Wednesday 28th – Jack Black’s Birthday
Thursday 29th – International Day Against Nuclear Tests
Friday 30th – Founding of Melbourne (1835)
Saturday 31st – Bank Holiday Saturday


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