April 2013

March 2013

Monday 1st – April Fools’ Day
Tuesday 2nd – World Autism Awareness Day
Wednesday 3rd – Cobie Smulder’s Birthday
Thursday 4th – Hugo Weaving’s Birthday
Friday 5th – Cold Food Festival (China)
Saturday 6th – Tartan Day (USA + Canada)

Sunday 7th – Day of Maternity and Beauty (Armenia)
Monday 8th – Dedication of Winchester Cathedral (1093)
Tuesday 9th – Albert Hammond Jr’s Birthday
Wednesday 10th – Death of Little Eva (2003)
Thursday 11th – Cerys Matthews’ Birthday
Friday 12th – Yuri Gagarin Becomes First Man In Space (1961)
Saturday 13th – Songkran (Thailand)

Sunday 14th – Black Day (South Korea)
Monday 15th – Tax Day (USA)
Tuesday 16th – Ed Byrne’s Birthday
Wednesday 17th – Death of Linda McCartney (1998)
Thursday 18th – Invention Day (Japan)
Friday 19th – Primrose Day
Saturday 20th – Death of Bram Stoker (1912)

Sunday 21st – Robert Smith’s Birthday
Monday 22nd – International Mother Earth Day
Tuesday 23rd – Launch of New Coke (1985)
Wednesday 24th – Comedy Dave’s Birthday
Thursday 25th – Red Hat Society Day
Friday 26th – Ms Dynamite’s Birthday
Saturday 27th – Sheena Easton’s Birthday

Sunday 28th – Lauren Laverne’s Birthday
Monday 29th – International Dance Day
Tuesday 30th – International Jazz Day


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