January 2017

A Year of Celebration, Mk II: 2017

I’m re-purposing this blog for 2017, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the galaxy’s greatest comic: 2000AD.

Rather than setting myself a new year’s resolution, I set one for my son Reuben: to celebrate 40 years of thrill-power, I challenged him to re-draw the cover of every prog that came out this year. So, here’s they are, as they come… Enjoy!

Prog 2012 – 4 Jan 2017: Judge Dredd

dsc_0279Original cover art by Luke Preece

Prog 2013 – 11 Jan 2017: Hope

dsc_0280Original cover art by Clint Langley

Prog 2014 – 18 Jan 2017: The Order

dsc_0281Original cover art by Neil Roberts

Prog 2015 – 25 Jan 2017: Kingmaker

dsc_0282Original cover art by Leigh Gallagher



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