30th September – 6th October

30th September 2013
 International Translation Day
Mission: Translate this: “Meine Frau ist schöner als die Sonne”
Status: Complete?
Notes: I can’t remember whether Nathan did this or not. But I’ll translate it for you now – “Kate is awesome”. Well, that’s a loose translation but it’s true…

1st October 2013
 World Vegetarian Day
Mission: Choose the veggie option at work
Status: Complete
Notes: Nathan often does this anyway, so can’t imagine this mission was too tricky:

AYIC veg

2nd October 2013
 International Day of Non-Violence
Mission: Try and resolve conflict in a non-violent way
Status: Not attempted
Notes: As far as I know, there was no major conflict to resolve today. But the non-violence bit went well.

3rd October 2013
 Jake Shears’ Birthday
Mission: Listen to some Scissor Sisters
Status: Complete
Notes: Jake Shears, of pop act Scissor Sisters, was born on this day in 1978. Looks like Nathan had a 70s disco-tastic walk home that day:

AYIC scissor3 AYIC scissor2 AYIC scissor1

4th October 2013
Celebration: Cinnamon Roll Day  (Sweden)
Mission: Have a cinnamon roll
Status: Failed
Notes: No idea why. Your loss, Nathan!

5th October 2013
 World Teachers’ Day
Mission: Skype Slinky
Status: Complete…kinda
Notes: We actually did this the Sunday before, because it was a DVD night and it was just like he was there with us like he used to be. For those not in the know, Slinky is a friend of ours now living in Bogota. And he’s a teacher, which is the Link. (Get it? Anyone?)

AYIC slinky

6th October 2013
 Opening of “The Jazz Singer” (first Talkie movie) in 1927
Mission: Watch a “talkie”
Status: Complete
Notes: We plumped for Boris Karloff as “The Mummy”

AYIC talkie


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