7th August 2013 – Bruce Dickinson’s Birthday

Celebration: Bruce Dickinson’s Birthday

Mission: Bring your daughter to the slaughter

Status: Failed/Complete, depending on ambiguous interpretation

Notes; Bruce Dickinson was born in Nottinghamshire on this day in 1958. He had moved to London to study History at university and he joined the rock band Samson while taking his finals. At his last gig with Samson at the Reading Festival in 1981, he was approached by Iron Maiden’s management, who were auditioning for a new singer. Bruce was successful, and became Iron Maiden’s definitive vocalist, appearing on their 3rd album (The Number of the Beast) through to their 9th album (Fear of the Dark) before leaving the band…only to return a few years later for their 12th album (Brave New World) and remains with the band to this day.

daughter slaughter

I didn’t take Eva to see any large scale animal deaths, but I did enjoy the video for Iron Maiden’s  hit single “Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter” from their 8th album (No Prayer For The Dying) – released on Christmas Eve 1989, it went straight to number one in the first charts of 1990. Being banned by Radio 1 probably helped.


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