17th August 2013 – Beth’s 21st Birthday

Celebration: Beth’s 21st Birthday

Mission: Feel very old

Status: Complete

Notes: Beth was born in Wales on this day in 1992. 1st daughter of my wife’s sister, Beth is living proof these days that people born in the 1990s are technically adults. Proof that I am very old is that I use phrases like “these days”. I remember going to Beth’s 6th birthday party in 1998. I remember, probably Christmas ’97 or ’98, a 5- or 6-year old Beth telling me that she was a spider and when I pointed out that she only had four limbs she replied that half of them had been amputated. I was a teenager at the time… and the little kid that I was talking to then is now a proper fully fledged adult.

Meanwhile… today I went to Lollibop – a festival for pre-schoolers. I’m about three decades over the target audience.

Lollibop Roo

But tonight I am watching some Battlestar Galactica episodes that were originally broadcast in April 1979 – while I was still in utero. These episodes may appear naïve and dated, but they’re thoroughly enjoyable. Hopefully, the same could be said about myself!? In any case – my haircut is pretty much the same as Starbuck’s…



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