15th August 2013 – Ben Affleck’s Birthday

Celebration: Ben Affleck’s Birthday

Mission: Watch “I’m #*?!ing Ben Affleck”

Status: Complete

Notes: Ben Affleck was born in California on this day in 1972. Rarely seen without Matt Damon, and often being directed by Kevin Smith, Ben has appeared in may good, medium and bad films.

Today’s mission is rated PG (Parental Guidance): it contains bleeped out foul language. So, Mum & Dad – you have been warned.

Jimmy Kimmel, a US TV presenter, and boyfriend of comedienne Sarah Silverman, used to mock Matt Damon every week on his show until Sarah & Matt *ahem* “teamed up” to pay Jimmy back. Jimmy, retaliated in the only way he could: through the medium of song…and you can watch it here.

jimmy and ben


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