10th June 2013 – Kim Deal’s Birthday

Celebration: Kim Deal’s Birthday

Mission: Put on some sensible clothes and listen to “Gigantic”

Status: Complete

Notes: Kimberly Deal was born in Ohio on this day in 1961. In January 1986 she was the only person to answer and Black Francis and Joey Santiago’s classified advert and so she became the bass player in the Pixies – despite not owning a bass guitar and never having played one before (she was a guitarist up until this point). Her husbands’ drumming friend David Lovering was roped in to complete the band, and off they went to international fame until Kim & Francis fell out over creative musical differences.


Kim teamed up with one of the Throwing Muses in 1988 and formed a new band called The Breeders who would let her write some of the songs.

The Pixies let her back in the band for their last couple of albums circa 1990-91, but no one really talked to each other until the reunion tours in 2004-05 which included headlining at the Reading Festival in August 2005 and I was there!


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