20th May 2013 – Death of Jon Pertwee (1996)

Celebration: Death of Jon Pertwee (1996)

Mission: Watch a classic episode of Doctor Who

Status: Complete

Notes: Jon “Worzel Gummidge” Pertwee was born in Chelsea in 1919. During the early seventies he played The Doctor’s third incarnation. He died of a heart attack in Connecticut on this day in 1996, two days after the American broadcast of the Paul McGann Doctor Who TV-movie.

I watched Invasion of the Dinosaurs from Season 11, in which the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrive in an evacuated London that is plagued with dinosaurs brought through time by some scientists trying to create a ‘golden age’ world. Sarah Jane uncovers the conspiracy while getting kidnapped at least twice, and ends up (or does she!?) on a spaceship whose mission is not dis-similar to that of the “B Arc” from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Here is Jon being attacked by a pteradactyl:

pertwee pteradactyl 1

And here is him fighting back with a mop!

pertwee pteradactyl 2


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