4th May 2013 – Star Wars Day

Celebration: Star Wars Day

Mission: Watch some films with your little boy

a long time ago

Status: Complete

Notes: Roo & I watched Star Wars AKA A New Hope AKA Episode IV on the laptop while the womenfolk of our family had a nap. He’s seen all six episodes before, but when he was far too young to understand what was going on, so this was effectively his first introduction Darth Vader:

intro darth vader

He found the part when the Jawas kidnapped R2D2 a bit scary, and had to hide under the bed for that bit:

quick hide

(That’s the hoovery scoop thing that sucks Artoo up into the Jawa truck)

He was rapt with attention for at least half the film, although he got slightly distracted by Duplo half way through once his sister had woken up. When asked what he liked best in the film he said “the bit where the people shoot at the other people” – I think he was referring to the opening battle where the stormtroopers invade the Tantive IV.

It wasn’t all hiding inside a darkened room watching DVDs while on a weekend in the countryside – there was some dancing around in the sunshine too!


May the 4th be with you.


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