18th April 2013 – Invention Day (Japan)

Celebration: Invention Day (Japan)

Mission: Invent something or watch Dragon’s Den

Status: Rejected

Notes: On this day in 1885, Japan established the Patent Monopoly Act, and this day has been celebrated in Japan as Invention Day since 1954. However, that all sounds rather dull, especially as it’s the 10th Doctor’s birthday…

Replacement Celebration: David Tennant’s Birthday

Replacement Mission: Watch some 10th Docter era Doctor Who


Replacement Status: Complete

Replacement Notes: David Tennant was born in West Lothian on this day in 1971. While often performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company, he also had various film & TV roles – notably Barty Crouch Jr from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Russell T Davies’ Casanova. Following the regeneration of the 9th Doctor in 2005, Tennant became the new face of BBC’s Doctor Who until New Years’ day 2010.


I watched The Waters of Mars – Tennant’s penultimate story.



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