23rd March 2013 – Family Day (South Africa)

Celebration: Family Day (South Africa)

Mission: Do something nice with your family

Status: Complete

Notes: I’m sorry to report there’s a slight hitch with today’s Family Day celebration –
Long story short: it’s not today.
Short story long: in South Africa, “Family Day” is the name of the public holiday on the Monday after Easter – what us Brits would refer to simply as “Easter Monday”. I suspect the confusion came from the Wikipedia page “March 23” which lists Family Day as an indented item under “Earliest day on which Easter Monday can fall”

wiki snip

Perhaps I should quickly celebrate the Bolivian sea or Hungarian-Polish friendship, but that’s not the task I was set, and I did have a nice day out with my family, despite a Night of the Long Cries from baby-girl leaving the wife & I with something of a dazed starting point.

We had bacon sandwiches á la Georgie F for Brunch and we taught Roo a new word: Brunch. Then we trundled down to Brixton to the Ritzy Picturehouse to see The Croods – itself a movie about a family. You can expect to see a full review of that here, once Kate’s written up her review.

Then we bussed it over to Crystal Palace to a party at Bar Twenty-Five (not Bar 25 – Googlemaps on my phone was trying to send us to Berlin) for Oscar’s first birthday.

bar twenty five

Happy birthday Oscar!



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