15th March 2013 – Ides of March

Celebration: Ides of March

Mission: Watch “Ides of March”

Status: Complete

Notes: In the ancient Roman calendar, the mid-point of a month was known as the Ides and was a religious celebration in praise of Jupiter. The Ides of March is famous as the date of the assassination in 44BC of Julius Ceasar, and 2,020 years later the birth of my brother Danny.

Anyway – I assume that when my wife set today’s task she had in mind the George Clooney political drama film from 2011, however I felt it was more appropriate this week to go with the opening track from Iron Maiden’s 1981 album Killers.


Iron Maiden’s original drummer Clive Burr sadly passed away earlier this week after a long-running battle with MS.

clive burr

Technically the mission was to ‘watch’ the Ides of March, so I did a quick YouTube search too.


And I had a glass of Glenfarclas in honour of my big brother. Happy birthday Danny!


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