2nd March 2013 – Dr Seuss’ Birthday

Celebration: Dr Seuss’ Birthday

Green Eggs and Ham

Mission: Read “Green Eggs and Ham” to Reuben

Green eggs and Roo

Status: Complete

Roo reads

Notes: Dr Theodor Seuss was born on this day in Massachusetts in 1904. He wrote “Green Eggs and Ham” in 1960 using only 50 unique words – can you name all fifty in five minutes? Reuben read some of the pages himself, albeit in a slightly paraphrased version, doing different voices for the two principle characters. But what next? So many to choose from:

what to read next

We went on to read Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? followed by Oh the Thinks You Can Think:

Oh the Thinks you can Think

And we finished up with The Cat in the Hat Comes Back but don’t ask me what Voom is, I never will know, but boy let me tell you it does clean up snow…

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back


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