1st March 2013 – Beer Day (Iceland)

Celebration: Beer Day (Iceland)

Mission: Have some Icelandic beer

Status: Kinda complete.

Notes: Kate says “I probably should’ve put St David’s Day for this one, but Icelandic beer’s more interesting, right?”  I figured this would be a bit tricky to track down some Icelandic beer, so I re-interpreted the mission and bought some beer from Iceland.



And so I enjoyed a San Miguel while eating chilli and watching From Hell.

San Miguel and chilli

Beer Day is enjoyed in Iceland on this day as a celebration of the end of the prohibition of beer that ran from 1915 to 1989. The law started out banning all alcohol but was relaxed in 1935 so that it only excluded stong beer with an alcohol content of over 2.25%. The prohibition’s days were numbered when they tried to outlaw mixing spirits with non-alcoholic beer in the 1980s.


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