6th February 2013 – Waitiangi Day (NZ)

Celebration: Waitiangi Day (NZ)

Mission: Watch FOTC or eat some Anzac biscuits

Status: Complete

Notes: I don’t know what ‘anzac’ biscuits are, but they have ‘NZ’ in the middle, so they must be from New Zealand… and my etiological assumption appears to be confirmed by a quick Google search: ANZAC = Australian & New Zealand Army Corps.

Anyway – I chose the Flight of the Conchords option.

Jemaine and Bret

We watched most of series two, which included the Flight of the Conchords’ benefit concert for epileptic dogs.

Epileptic Dogs

Waitangi Day is the New Zealand celebration of the signing of their founding document in 1840, which established NZ as a part of the British Empire while protecting the native Maori population’s rights to their land – although the treaty’s Maori translation isn’t quite the same as its English version ho hum.


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