1st February 2013 – Start of LGBT Month

Celebration: Start of LGBT Month

Mission: Watch “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”

Status: Fail

Notes: Yeah, this evening just didn’t work out as planned… although the plan was to fail this mission anyway & go out to the cinema to watch “Hyde Park on Hudson” with my wife in what would be our first date sans kids in about year. However, following the babysitters’ diary fail I sent Kate out on her own while I did the babysitting for my own night out.

Instead, Slinky came over to keep me company & crack on with watching Supernatural (season six). So not much in the way of celebrating LGBT, although one episode had a vampire who was a bit ‘G’, or possibly at least a bit ‘B’.  Dean cut his head off, but I’m fairly sure it was because he was an evil blood sucking monster raising an army of superfiends, because he was murdering the local teenage goth girls and because he’d tried to turn Dean into a vampire & they needed his blood to prevent him going Full Vamp, rather than because he’d made some googly-eyes at him.


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