26th January 2013 – Australia Day

Celebration: Australia Day

Mission: Eat TimTams while wearing the cork hat

Fosters and TimTams

Status: Not as complete as you’d hope, but pretty much Celebrated.

TimTam Half a TimTam

Notes: To be honest – I’d completely forgotten about the ‘cork hat’ element. However – I hope that I’ve made up for that omission by adding in extra tasks such as drinking Fosters (and opening said Fosters with my “Great Aussie Slang” bottle opener – thank you Varnia!) and doing a TimTam Slam.


I understand that a TimTam Slam, in which you bite off two opposite corners of a TimTam (which is pretty much a Penguin chocolate biscuit) and using it as a straw to slurp up a beverage, is supposed to be done with a hot drink, but quite frankly a nice cuppa tea sounds a bit more English than Australian, so I thought I’d better go for a Fosters TimTam Slam (even though the beer is brewed in Scotland, according to the label on the bottle). It worked, much to my surprise, and I recommend it!

Happy Australia Day you all!


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