25th January 2013 – Burns Night

Celebration: Burns Night

Mission: Have a shot of whiskey

Status: Complete

Notes: James Joyce, who is Irish, apparently has nothing to do with Burns Night. He is a poet, but it seems that the idea of Burns Night is to celebrate the Scottish poet called Robert Burns who was born on this day in 1759 – one day shy of two hundred years prior to the birth of Vic Reeves. Anyway – to celebrate we watched Ed Byrne’s DVD ‘Crowd Pleaser Tour 2011’ and while he may be Irish, at least his name is right (even if it’s spelt differently).


Then onto the day’s quest: the drinking of the whiskey, or whisky as the Scots prefer to call it (the spelling of whisk(e)y doesn’t really matter, but Irish & American whiskey tends to use the ‘e’, while the whisky of most other nations tend to leave the ‘e’ out).


Norrie (who readers may remember from last weekend) came over to enjoy a glass of 15 year old Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky with me. He’s far more knowledgeable about whiskies then I am – I fully admit to being a Jack Daniels fan, but accept that I’m something of a pleb for being so. Norrie suggested that I go with the “I like a bourbon” defence, which will make me sound like I know what I’m talking about. Providing I don’t get confused with the biscuit of the same name.



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