Forty Years of Thrill-Power Festival

Hammersmith Novotel – 11 Feb 2017

Meanwhile… we got a few of drawings from the professionals at 2000AD’s birthday bash…

dsc_0312Lawgiver by David Millgate

dsc_0310The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael (and the Dead Left in his Wake) by Dom Reardon

dsc_0311Johnny Alpha & Wulf by Carlos Ezquerra

Judge Death by David Kendall


January 2017

A Year of Celebration, Mk II: 2017

I’m re-purposing this blog for 2017, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the galaxy’s greatest comic: 2000AD.

Rather than setting myself a new year’s resolution, I set one for my son Reuben: to celebrate 40 years of thrill-power, I challenged him to re-draw the cover of every prog that came out this year. So, here’s they are, as they come… Enjoy!

Prog 2012 – 4 Jan 2017: Judge Dredd

dsc_0279Original cover art by Luke Preece

Prog 2013 – 11 Jan 2017: Hope

dsc_0280Original cover art by Clint Langley

Prog 2014 – 18 Jan 2017: The Order

dsc_0281Original cover art by Neil Roberts

Prog 2015 – 25 Jan 2017: Kingmaker

dsc_0282Original cover art by Leigh Gallagher


30th September – 6th October

30th September 2013
 International Translation Day
Mission: Translate this: “Meine Frau ist schöner als die Sonne”
Status: Complete?
Notes: I can’t remember whether Nathan did this or not. But I’ll translate it for you now – “Kate is awesome”. Well, that’s a loose translation but it’s true…

1st October 2013
 World Vegetarian Day
Mission: Choose the veggie option at work
Status: Complete
Notes: Nathan often does this anyway, so can’t imagine this mission was too tricky:

AYIC veg

2nd October 2013
 International Day of Non-Violence
Mission: Try and resolve conflict in a non-violent way
Status: Not attempted
Notes: As far as I know, there was no major conflict to resolve today. But the non-violence bit went well.

3rd October 2013
 Jake Shears’ Birthday
Mission: Listen to some Scissor Sisters
Status: Complete
Notes: Jake Shears, of pop act Scissor Sisters, was born on this day in 1978. Looks like Nathan had a 70s disco-tastic walk home that day:

AYIC scissor3 AYIC scissor2 AYIC scissor1

4th October 2013
Celebration: Cinnamon Roll Day  (Sweden)
Mission: Have a cinnamon roll
Status: Failed
Notes: No idea why. Your loss, Nathan!

5th October 2013
 World Teachers’ Day
Mission: Skype Slinky
Status: Complete…kinda
Notes: We actually did this the Sunday before, because it was a DVD night and it was just like he was there with us like he used to be. For those not in the know, Slinky is a friend of ours now living in Bogota. And he’s a teacher, which is the Link. (Get it? Anyone?)

AYIC slinky

6th October 2013
 Opening of “The Jazz Singer” (first Talkie movie) in 1927
Mission: Watch a “talkie”
Status: Complete
Notes: We plumped for Boris Karloff as “The Mummy”

AYIC talkie

23rd- 29th September

…And this is where it starts to fall down a bit. We were in serious house-buying territory at the back end of September, with the house on the market and no time to learn a new language (European Day of Language – 26th Sept) or even find someone bisexual to hug (Celebrate Bisexuality Day – 23rd Sept). But still the odd celebration snuck in there, with Nathan taking some lovely tourist-y photos to mark World Tourism Day on 27th Sept. Look, here’s a Boris bike:

AYIC tourist

On another house-viewing jaunt we stopped for a coffee at Arts and Crusts, a mere day too early for International Coffee Day (29th Sept):

AYIC coffeeAnd disappointingly, Nathan chose to ignore Will Smith’s birthday (24th Sept) and refused to say “Wiccy Wiccy Wa Wa” all day. Luckily, we do that most other days anyway….

16th-22nd September

16th September 2013
 Danny John Jules’ Birthday
Mission: Watch “Tongue Tied”
Status: Complete
Notes: Danny John Jules was born in London on this day in 1960 and is most famous for playing The Cat in “Red Dwarf”, as well as Barrington (aka “The only one who seemed to do his own vocals”) in “Maid Marion and her Merry Men”.  One episode of the Dwarf started with a dream sequence where The Cat sang a particularly groovy song called “Tongue Tied”…and it later became an actual single. We watched the video in tribute. And while we’re on a Red Dwarf theme, where better to mention that I almost killed Norman Lovett once? I offered him a dry roast peanut at a pub in Camberwell and he nearly choked on it. Lovely guy. Glad he survived to meet us again a few years on, along with other Hollie Hattie Haydridge…

AYIC tongue2AYIC tongue

17th September 2013
 Keith Flint’s Birthday
Mission: Start some fires
Status: Complete
Notes: Keith Flint of the Prodigy was born on this day in 1969 in Redbridge, East London…not far from our new ‘hood. He was originally the dancer for the band, but took leads vocals on 1996 single “Firestarter”, which got to #1. So, what would you do to celebrate but light a candle..?

AYIC fire1

18th September 2013
 Day of National Music (Azerbaijan)
Mission: Listen to some Azerbaijani music
Status: Failed
Notes: Something about this didn’t appeal to Nathan, weirdly. But you can right that wrong.

19th September 2013

Celebration: International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Mission: …No brainer….!
Status: Complete
Notes: Nathan’s been celebrating this particular day for years and this year was no different. He seems to have read a pirate-related book to Roo. Yarrrrggghhhh!

AYIC pirate2 AYIC pirate1

20th September 2013
 The American Association for the Advancement of Science created (1848)
Mission: Do some science.
Status: Failed
Notes: How disappointing. I at least expected a mentos-in-coke-bottle display at his desk.

21st September 2013
Celebration: International Day of Peace
Mission: Break up a fight between Roo and Eva
Status: Complete…kinda
Notes: We decided to go to Walthamstow on a spontaneous house-viewing trip today. No signficiant fights between the kids that I can remember, so Nathan must have been doing his job well. Look how peaceful they are, waiting on the doorstep for the hapless estate agent to turn up:

AYIC no fight

22nd September 2013
 Hobbit Day
Mission: Watch “The Hobbit”
Status: Failed
Notes: Apparently we don’t own it…..


What Happened Next…

2014-01-31 00.09.08

Kate here, and I’m going to tell you a wee story. That might explain the demise of this blog. You see, we made a snap decision just after Nathan’s birthday. We would move house! And what larks would ensue from this decision. It’s February and we’re still not moved, sitting amongst boxes of our wordly possessions, clutching a draft contract. But the upshot of all this was that Nathan found himself a bit short of mental energy – the tidying, viewing, offering, accepting offering…it all left little time for celebrating. Don’t despair though – despite the life-changing decisions going on, there was still an odd celebration here and there…some of which were very odd indeed. And I’m going to do my best to update you on them. Because I know that it’s what’s been missing from your lives all this time.


9th – 15th September 2013

9th September 2013
 Julia Sawalha + Hugh Grant’s Birthdays
Mission: Watch “Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death”
Status: Complete
Notes: Julia Sawalha was born in London on this day in 1968, while Hugh Grant was born eight years earlier in Hammersmith. Hugh’s most famous for his role in Four Weddings & a Funeral, while Julia is probably best known as the daughter in Absolutely Fabulous. The appeared together in the Red Nose Day Doctor Who special “The Curse of Fatal Death” in which Julia plays the Doctor’s assistant, to Rowan Atkinson’s Doctor, until killed by Jonathan Pryce’s The Master & regenerates into Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and then finally Joanna Lumley – who we spotted recently in a south London supermarket buying eggs.

hugh and julia

10th September 2013
 Your Birthday
Mission: Party hard
Status: Complete-ish
Notes: I was born in Winchester on this day in 1979. There were doughnuts in the office at work, and we had some folks round in the evening for pizza & some drinks. And a great venn diagram cake baked by my lovely wife.

venn diacake

11th September 2013
 Richard Ashcroft’s Birthday
Mission: Listen to “Cast No Shadow”
Status: Complete
Notes: Richard Ashcroft was born in Manchester on this day in 1971. He was lead singer with the Verve and then went also solo. The Oasis song ‘Cast No Shadow’ was dedicated to him. I also listened to Ashcroft’s ‘Song for the Lovers’ and Verve’s ‘History’.

cast no shadow

12th September 2013
 Death of Johnny Cash (2003)
Mission: Wear black
Status: Complete
Notes: Country/rock signer Johnny Cash died in Nashville, Tennessee on this day in 2003 from complications with his diabetes.


13th September 2013
 International Chocolate Day
Mission: Get Kate some chocolate
Status: Complete
Notes: Easy mission this one – my boss had supplied me with a Hotel Chocolat selection box for my birthday.


14th September 2013
 Amy Winehouse’s Birthday
Mission: Visit Camden
Status: Complete
Notes: Pop songstress Amy Winehouse was born in Southgate, London on this day in 1983, but her ‘spiritual home’ was undoubtedly Camden Town (indeed, she died there in July 2011). Turns out we weren’t the only folks making a Winehouse based Camden pilgrimage today.


So we visited the Proud Camden Gallery’s exhibition for Amy’s (would’ve been) 30th Birthday… “For You I Was A Flame.”


15th September 2013
 National Hispanic Day
Mission: Have something Spanish for lunch
Status: Complete
Notes: Toastie, made with Spanish chorizo.

toasted chorizo sandwich